Our name is very much what we are about – London, Society and Death.

The history of London is rich with death. It has been described as not only the largest graveyard but also one of the most haunted cities in the world.  Within the City lies a deep history, for thousands of year’s people from all over the world been coming to London, bringing with them many ways to dispose of their dead, and many ways to dispose of their living too!  Its story is filled with great plagues, wars, murders, executions, state funerals and even the Great Fire, all integral to its development and culture.  So what better place to form a society dedicated to all matters dying, death and beyond?

The Society is formed of people from all walks of life with many varied interests, from palliative care to assisted dying, alternative and traditional funerals to memorials, from bereavement to the study of the afterlife and the paranormal, and more.

Our aim is to conduct and promote research and education on all matters dying, death and beyond, with a particular focus on London.  We plan to hold exhibitions and events for all ages, to raise awareness of death, its impact, and not least it’s history, after all if you don’t know where you’re coming from how can you know where you’re going? We wish to create a platform to inform and educate, so that people have freedom of choice in death and in life.

As one of the most forward thinking cities in the world London holds many ground breaking ideas for the future, from end of life care to green burial, things are happening. The not too distant past has been very much overshadowed by the elaborate practices of the Victorians, but things change.  Following the World Wars  great tombs did not seem fitting for the many dead, things became more subtle, by the Eighties many of the smaller independent undertakers had been bought out by the large groups, they simplified funeral management and turned death into an everyday commodity, nobody spoke about it, but nobody was happy. Now with such movements and organisations as death Cafes and the Natural Death Centre, people are talking. Ideas are flowing.  There is a growing Death Positive movement.   It seems we are in the midst of a Death Revolution.

Join our Facebook group and check out the site regularly as it develops. Whether you are a professional or just curious all are welcome. And if you feel you have something to contribute please email us at info@londonsocietyofdeath.co.uk